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Educational and informative resources can be found in this section of Insights in IPF. Here you can obtain information to help you stay up to date on scientific literature and congress activity. Additionally, tools are available to facilitate discussion about IPF with your colleagues and patients.

Suggested IPF Reading Thumbnail Suggested Reading Links to abstracts for relevant publications in the IPF field

Upcoming Events Thumbnail Upcoming Events Listing of relevant events hosted by societies and organizations focused on advancing treatment and research in lung health

Image Galleries Thumbnail Image Galleries Browse through image galleries featuring radiologic and histopathologic features of interstitial lung disease on HRCT and surgical lung biopsy

Health Body Healthy Mind Health Body Healthy Mind As showcased on National Public Television, Understanding Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis is an impactful disease state program on IPF with key perspectives from both clinicians and patients

American Thoracic Society Primer Thumbnail ATS Primer A link to a downloadable PDF of an educational primer

Auscultation of Breath Sounds Thumbnail Auscultation of Breath Sounds Audio content and descriptions differentiating IPF from COPD and normal lung sounds

Test Your Ears Thumbnail Test your Ears Refine your auscultation skills by listening to the lung sounds of patients with IPF compared with normal lung sounds and those associated with other respiratory conditions such as COPD

Test Your Eyes Thumbnail Test Your Eyes Refine your skills by viewing HRCT scans of the lungs of patients with suspected IPF and identify specific features found in images that are consistent with a radiological diagnosis of definite usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP), possible/probable UIP, or those that are inconsistent with a UIP pattern

Ganesh Raghu, MD Thumbnail Diagnosis and Assessment of Interstitial Lung Disease This dynamic, case-based video features Dr Ganesh Raghu from the University of Washington, a key thought leader in the field of IPF. Dr Raghu will discuss the process of diagnosing and managing IPF

Every Breath Counts Thumbnail Every Breath Counts As featured on the Discovery Channel, Every Breath Counts is a powerful documentary detailing the lives of patients and families affected by IPF

GAP Model Mortality Risk Thumbnail GAP Model for Predicting Mortality Risk Use the GAP calculator to predict your patient’s mortality risk based on their Gender, Age, and Physiology (FVC and DLCO).

Radiology Rounds Broadcast Event Thumbnail Radiology Rounds Broadcast Event This program featuring two experts in the field of interstitial lung disease (ILD), Imre Noth, MD and Jonathan Goldin, MD was broadcast live throughout the United States. This broadcast is now available for viewing. Watch 2 experts discuss many important aspects related to the role of HRCT in the diagnosis of IPF.