Radiology Rounds

Usual Interstitial Pneumonia on HRCT, Zoom In

HRCT Challenge Thumbnail HRCT Challenge Take a comprehensive look at interstitial lung disease in this challenging quiz! Featuring an interactive case study, this challenge focuses on recognizing and identifying the distinguishing radiologic features of IPF as seen on HRCT.

Radiology Rounds Thumbnail Radiology Rounds: A Closer Look at Interstitial Lung Disease This interactive website, developed with the input of Drs Jonathan Goldin and Imre Noth, features content that includes an in-depth review of the features of ILD, as observed on HRCT, tools that can be used to distinguish the various ILDs, as well as a comprehensive review of appropriate HRCT technique. In addition, 4 patient case studies are available to demonstrate the importance of a thorough clinical and radiologic workup in the diagnosis of ILD.

Radiology Rounds Broadcast Event Thumbnail Radiology Rounds Broadcast Event This program featuring two experts in the field of interstitial lung disease (ILD), Imre Noth, MD and Jonathan Goldin, MD was broadcast live throughout the United States. This broadcast is now available for viewing. Watch 2 experts discuss many important aspects related to the role of HRCT in the diagnosis of IPF.